What we offer. Total peace of mind. Cavin is an environmentally conscious print studio based in Grandson and Neuchâtel, Switzerland. We deliver intelligent solutions that turn your imagination into reality.

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Our passion is delivering innovative, high-quality and sustainability minded projects for our clients. From traditional print to high-tech augmented reality solutions.

eco-printing lovers of the planet

years of creative print excellence

ambition: Carbon Neutral by 2030

Meet the team

Gif de Sébastien Chevalier qui regarde son Apple Watch

Sébastien Chevalier

Directeur associé

French / English

Gif de Pascal Fantoli qui lance une pomme

Pascal Fantoli

Directeur associé

French / German / Italian

Gif de Pascal Gafner qui mange un donut

Pascal Gafner

Directeur associé

French / German

Gif d'Alexandre Jacquier

Alexandre Jacquier

Conseiller technique

French / German

Gif de Cédric Suess qui rentre dans le cadre avec son téléphone

Cédric Suess

Conseiller technique
Directeur de succursale – Neuchâtel


Choose the right impact.

Get noticed for being sustainable and creative. Make the world better.
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Sébastien Chevalier:

+41 76 566 66 12

Pascal Fantoli:

+41 79 578 25 01

Pascal Gafner:

+41 78 652 51 51

Alexandre Jacquier:

+41 24 447 35 66

Cédric Suess:

+41 79 703 68 58