You can trust services from Cavin. Sustainability is built into our DNA. Better communications from the best eco-printing processes. Backed by an eco-conscious team. Our ambition: Carbon neutral by 2030.

Illustration de deux personnes qui travaillent autour d'une imprimante


If you can dream it, we can do it. Whatever the medium, printing technique, colors or finishing, we accompany you in your projects by offering solutions that make your life easier. Have a coffee with one of our technical consultants to bring your ideas to life. We make creativity simple! conseillers techniques afin de donner vie à vos idées. We make creativity simple !

Brand shop

A unique place to express your brand identity. Brand Shop is an interactive and collaborative platform that allows you to create all types of print and digital documents in accordance with your corporate identity. Your dedicated space allows you to place your orders online. From product implementation to stock management, we take care of everything. Want a demonstration? Do not hesitate to contact us.
Illustration d'une femme qui utilise le Brand shop
Illustration d'une femme qui utilise la réalité augmentée

Augmented reality

Give another dimension to your printed material and make the link between the real and the virtual world. Your prints become alive and playful. Sound, video, 3D models of your products, unleash your creativity!

Interactive media

Today, expressing yourself through different channels is essential. Our interactive media team is here to advise and support you in your interactive and cross-media campaigns. Building a strong community on social networks, a website, an online publication or an e-newsletter, everything is possible with CAVIN.

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Connected paper

Printed communication has no limits thanks to paper with NFC chip. Your prints connect to the internet and offer endless possibilities; let's create your dream project together!

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